Messi and Ronaldo to play on the same team

The world's best players and top rivals Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi could be featuring in the same team for the first time ever in a game organized by former Barcelona legend Rivaldo.

Spanish newspaper Sport has reported that the former Brazilian international is setting up a charity game in which he has invited both players to join the match and play on the same team.

Although no official confirmation has been received, it has been reported that both players have shown acceptance to the idea and could feature in the same team line-up.

Having been rivals on an individual front for years, it will be interesting to see both players play alongisde each-other; esepcially when considering that both players are competing for this year's golden ball award.

Rivaldo, who attended the most recent Clasico, has invited a bunch of players from both sides but it is still to be seen who willl end up featuring in the match.



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